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  • Construction plans for regional EMR

    Medical information system construction has been the important method and technical support for deepening healthcare system's reform, building service-oriented government, promoting the healthy development of healthcare business. The official article ‘The CPC Central Committee and State Council's advice on deepening healthcare system’s reform ‘indicates that the reform should focus on Electronic Health Record (EHR)and Electronic Medical Record (EMR);take the advantage of regional health information integration and sharing; aim to improve medical practice level, service quality, comprehensive management efficiency and scientific decision-making level. Our goal is to build medical care services network and health industry information exchange and supervision platform, promote the development of healthcare industry.

    Meanwhile, medical service providers and administrative personnel strongly hope to build health information system for information sharing which enable physicians to acquire necessary information at any place in any time. Haitai's regional health information system can solve this problem.


    Functions and features

    Diagnosis and treatment platform with full coverage

  • Our system's fully covered diagnosis and treatment platform can realize all related practice data’s capture, exchange, storage and management among regional medical organizations of all levels.
  • Large and medium-size hospitals can build their own EMR and form internal information platform based on EMR. For those medical organizations lack of the capability of building their own EMR, they can use a managed type of EMR based on SOA. Community can implement GP workstation and achieve digital admissions, outpatient EMR, intelligent diagnosis, knowledge base inquiry and EHR information exchange; meanwhile, our system offer unified management of clinical guideline. For the one hand, the system will regulate and improve the diagnosis proposal of all diseases in order to enhance the quality of medical record and treatment, lower the possibility of medical errors. For the other hand, with the help of various clinical auxiliary functions and knowledge base, medical care providers can do a better job.

    Regional healthcare information sharing

  • This solution is designed to build unified data standard in regional health information, regional sharing of medical health information resources, electronic two-way referral and mutual acceptance of examination and test results, to achieve reasonable distribution and sharing of medical information and resources, to guarantee the supervision of health authority.
  • Meanwhile, our solution can help to build sound healthcare practices collaboration mechanism, take the advantage of regional medical resources, lower medical cost, and improve the medical quality. Remote quality control, remote ward round and remote diagnosis support the supervision of telemedicine records and medical quality, data statistical analysis, the evaluation and guide of all-level medical organizations. Physicians can have remote ward round on patients at any time and any places in order to get patient’s information, follow and adjust patient’s diagnosis and treatment schedule. Tertiary hospitals can take the lead to improve primary hospital’s diagnosis and management level.

    Public Portal

  • Patient communication portal can be created based on health information platform; patients can have serial medical and healthcare services, like on-line diagnosis, appointment making, health education, diagnosis information inquiry and so on. Healthcare services can be extended to the society or even the family, clinical professionals can intervene and instruct patient’s disease, activity and way of life, better understand patients and their families’ confusions and requirements. Our solution can achieve customizable services and focus on the development of hospital’s healthcare service level.
  • System Platform

    Application Systems:

  • Server:IBM AIX、Windows2003 Server、Windows2008 Server
  • Client:Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
  • Database:DB2 and Oracle are preferred; And it also support other data bases
  • Middleware:IBM Websphere 7.0 or higher
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