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  • HAITAI 2018 Summary Recognition Conference

    On February 2, 2019, Haitai 2018 summary commendation conference" in Suning Galaxy Novotel Hotel grand. All the staff and special guests gathered for a happy time.

    In 2018, The company achieved the target of over 100 million sales set at the beginning of the year and brought more breakthroughs. At the meeting, the chairman of the company, Lumiao, made a speech, fully affirmed the efforts you made for the company this year, and put forward a firmer goal for future development, and placed higher expectations on the development of the company.

    At the summary meeting, the company commended outstanding employees and teams, including the best planning award, special contribution team award.

    The new year has begun, and we will make unremitting efforts to create a new era of Haitai!

    Speech by Lumiao, Chairman of the Company

    5 Years Staff Contribution Award

    10 Years Staff Contribution Award

    Outstanding Staff Awards

    Speech by Best Staff Representative

    Special Contribution Team Award

    Special Contribution Award(CMMI-5)

    Best Planning Award

    Annual Conference Programme

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