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  • Haitai Attended 2017HIMSS Annual Conference of Greater China

          The 4th Sino-American Healthcare Information Development Summit Forum and 2017HIMSS Annual Conference of Greater China had a grant opening at China National Convention Center, Beijing in Dec 9th, 2017. This conference was host by HIMSS Greater China, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS), Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) and undertaken by Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University and Training Center of PUMC. There were leaders of the national healthcare information industry and almost 1500 representatives gathered to discuss on how to develop Healthcare Information and how to implement the International Standards?

          On this conference, Haitai, as the vendor to provide EMR solutions to Beijing University People's Hospital and Capital Medical University Xuanwu Hospital, which have been awarded the HIMSS Stage 7 certification brought us its products including Clinical Integrative Diagnosis and Treatment Platform, Outpatient EMR, EMR for Emergency,Paperless system, Hospital Infection Monitoring Platform and Disinfection Supply and Traceability Management Platform, that were all based on HIMSS Certification requirements.

          With the system and service support by Haitai, Capital Medical University Xuanwu Hospital had achieved HIMSS Stage 7 and both Kunming Children’s Hospital and Tianmen No.1 People’s Hospital had achieved the HIMSS Stage 6 this year.

          Haitai had provided hospital highly recognized EMR solutions and system related services to Xuanwu Hospital, its important customer and strategic partner, for more than 5 years with the hospital’s development. As the core system of the information construction in Xuanwu Hospital, the successively provided EMR solutions including Inpatient EMR, Outpatient EMR, EMR for Emergency, Medical Record Management System, and also the EMR based Paperless Management System, CDSS, Voice Entry system etc. With efforts from both sides, Xuanwu Hospital had been included as the member of leading hospitals not only in China but the worldwide.

          It organized the special session for Xuanwu Hospital to share its experience on information constructions.

    Guoguang Zhao, President of Xuanwu Hospital, was speaking on the conference

    Zhangqiang Liang, Director of information center of Xuanwu Hospital, was speaking

    HIMSS Stage 7 Hospital Information Construction Experience Sharing——Xuanwu Hospital Special Session

    HIMSS 6 & 7 Hospital Awards ceremony


    Xuanwu Hospital was on the awarding site

    Kunming Children’s Hospital and Tianmen No.1 People’s Hospital were on the HIMSS Stage 6 awarding site

          Haitai had been invited to attend the conference and shared the development strategy and the latest solutions and typical and successful cases. During the conference, we had lost of clients and vendors come to our exhibition booth to discuss on clinical information development and construction plan with expectation to build the deep cooperation on high quality solutions in the future.

    Booth Silhouette

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