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    Application Ranges
    The statement applies to the websites of Haitai.

    Personal Information
    Generally speaking, you can get access to Haitai websites without providing your name or any other personal information of yours. However, for the better service, sometimes it requires your personal information for order processing, contacting you, offering you service or job recruitment. It is all your choice to join in or not.

    Usage of your personal information
    Your personal information will be for the inner use of Haitai and the parties related to Haitai only.
    We use your personal information to get contact with you for the customer satisfaction survey, marketing research or other business related.
    We also use it to capture information feedbacks needed by Haitai.
    We also use it deal with your applying for jobs offered by Haitai.
    It is helpful to get you to take part in various activities held by Haitai.

    Security of your personal information
    Haitai is committed to keeping the personal information you provide us secure and will take reasonable precautions to protect your personal information from unauthorized use, misuse or loss.

    Links of other companies
    Our websites may be linked with other company. Haitai takes no responsibility for their privacy policy or content.

    Contact Us
    If you have any question or advice, you can contact with us through the contact information provided in the websites. Haitai is addicted to meeting your satisfaction.

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